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Bed and Breakfast Questions

Thinking about buying a B & B?
Just purchased a B & B?
Running a B & B now?

What on earth do I do next?


This smiling couple turned their home 
into a Bed and Breakfast

That was back in 1999.. They had never even stayed at a B&B before.  Started from scratch.  They asked a lot of questions. They learned so many things.  The things listed on the left hand side of the page were all part of the process, things they looked at, choices and decisions they made..... it brought them along to having exactly the operation that worked for them.

There is a process for every single innkeeper.  Results that are right for you.  Each person is unique. Each one has different dreams, different giftings.  Philip and Ellen believe they can help you to sort thru it all, to have the B&B that is perfect for you.

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  • How did you establish your room rates?
  • What do you think about talking to other B&B owners?
  • How do you feel about..... "location"​​  ?
  • How do you build a diverse clientele? Do you want it?
  • What do you spend on advertising? 
  • Where do you spend that?
  • How important is advertising?
  • Who builds your web-site?
  • Who hosts your web-site?
  • What online booking engine do you use?
  • Why do you use the one you use?
  • What kind of statistics do you get from your site?
  • How can you use those statistics?
  • What factors affect statistics?
  • What O/R (occupancy rate) do you look for? Why?
  • What factors affect your O/R ?
  • What is your ADR (average daily rate)?
  • Is your ADR important?  Why?
  • How do B&B's arrive at their ADR's?
  • Are there factors that affect their ADR's?
  • ​How do you establish priorities?
  • What are your priorities?  Why?
  • What about attending B&B conferences?
  • What about joining your State B&B Association?
  • How about the National B&B Associations?
  • Do you use Bed & Breakfast Directories?
  • How about seminars for aspiring innkeepers?
  • Are there B&B scams to be concerned about?
  • How do you feel about joining the local Chamber?
  • What about employees? Benefits? State issues?
  • What do you think about AirBnb?
  • Do you need a lodging license in your State?
  • Do you need a local City license?
  • Do States require a restaurant license to serve food?
  • Do you serve dinners?  Lunch?  Or just Breakfast?
  • Have you ever thought about doing Tea Parties?
  • How do you feel about "Packages" ?
  • What is a "Package" ?
  • Should I have a Blog?
  • How about Facebook?
  • How about Twitter?
  • Do you take a vacation?
  • Is your area "seasonal" ?
  • Do you shut down in your slow season ?
  • Why did you want to be an Innkeeper?
  • Are you a Corporation?  LLC?
  • How about insurance and liabilities?
  • Who owns your Inn?
  • Can you operate as an Individual Proprietorship?
  • What is the first step?
  • When is it best to make that step?
  • Anything else that floats thru your mind?

Are there some things to think about maybe?
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