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            ​ Small Business Consultant

  Specializing in smaller Bed & Breakfasts
                                                  offering a free initial phone consult
                           from a background of over 60 years of self employment 
            18 years as owners of the Village Victorian Bed  and Breakfast 
                               My desire is to help you discover answers to your questions.

Be a sounding board for you......
Talk about your hopes and dreams...... 
Your struggles trying to get there......
Perhaps be a reality check for you  

We can talk about your business philosophy 
Look at your web presence or lack of it....  
Look at why we do.... or do not do....  
all the things we do....  or do not do.... 

Most of all just try to encourage you as you
make choices and decisions traveling
along this road of life.


​​ no charge for initial phone consult
could be the only one you will need
 if you would like to know more about philip
        he has another web-site 
    philip's musings
      he needed a place to "say" all his words…  you know…all that stuff philip is thinking about…     he thinks about a lot of things

       here is a link to philip's musings